Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Oleo Skincare*

Before we moved home along with it my internet and my ability to keep up with the blog, i was sent a pair of glorious products courtesy of Oleo Bodycare and have quite simply fallen in love with them along with the brand itself.

Oleo Skin and Bodycare

Let me tell you why! First of all, the brand is based in Dorset, first tick as i really like to support small local businesses, second of all all the products are hand-made by a qualified aromatherapist. If you read my recent post on creating a spa at home, you know how much i value aromatherapy in the home, so for it to be infused in body care is just a dream! And just look at their brand belief: 

'We firmly believe that our formulations must benefit mind, body and wellbeing, using high quality essential oils, herbs, vegetable oils and extracts.'
Not to mention that their ingredients are free from; harmful parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours, SLS and mineral oils. Oh and they're cruelty free too! I'm always chuffed to hear from brands that share the same values as me and are in line with my ethics, just perfect!

Anyway, on to the good stuff. I was lucky enough to chose the products i wanted to try out from their website, and it's safe to say i was absolutely spoilt for choice. They've got something for hair, body, feet and hands, bath, shower and massage. Honestly it took me a good while to decide which two i had to go for and i know i'll definitely be purchasing more very soon, as i'd love to try their face products!

What i really loved about both the shower gel and the body lotion is the scents are really gorgeous, they're not overpowering in any way but it's enough to have the desired effect.

Having worked at Lush for years and thinking that lather could only be created using SLS (so stupid right?!) i was really surprised and impressed with the lather of the shower gel, it's a really soft gentle lather which is quite addictive to use! Saying that you only need a small nut sized amount to wash from top to toe.

Oleo Shower Gel

As for the lotion, it's the perfect texture and consistency, it doesn't leave the skin sticky. A few pumps will reach my whole body and for me with drier skin it moisturises all day, so i don't get that horrible tight feeling later on. Having been through many, many, many many moisturizers and body lotions from birth because of my dry skin i know a thing or two about body care and this ticks all the boxes. I prefer a sweeter smelling body lotion but i can't complain as it contains frankincense which has amazing benefits on the skin, mind and body, take a look at their blog post to find out more about frankincense.

Oleo Body Lotion

I've still got about a third of each product to use which is really good as i've been using them pretty much every day. I can't wait to finish these and try out some more from the range.

Oh and if you're tempted they currently have 20% off body lotions during August!

Do you use natural and cruelty free skincare? I'd love to discover more brands like this so please let me know of any in the comments!

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Going Internet Free | What I Learnt

It's no secret that we're bombarded with information on a daily basis, and most of us are looking at a screen the majority of the time which can become a little overwhelming at times, especially with my new job being desk based where i'm often sitting in front of a screen! Going without the internet is something i wanted to challenge myself to, often thinking of rules in the house to go by to make sure we switch off and always making it my mission to spend time in nature and be in the present moment. Even though i was trying to adopt these habits before, actually having no choice in the matter to go without taught me a few things.

It was my own fault really for not being organised enough to contact my broadband provider BEFORE we moved home to get our internet switched over *sigh*. So my internet ban was involuntary and a little frustrating, and although i had a very limited amount of 4G and connected to the wifi at work, there was practically no time at all spent online. and this is what happened:

  • I discovered my local library and started reading again
  • Spending time with my son was quality time as there were less distractions
  • I took up gardening
  • Fell in love with my new radio
  • I actually spoke to people on the phone and invested time in catching up with them
  • Experienced less headaches
  • Became more connected with nature
  • Spoke more with my partner in the evenings
And this is what i learnt:
  • Some might see social media as an evil time sucker and relationship hogger, but, if used correctly (by correctly i mean sparingly) it's a beautiful tool to; meet new people, build relationships, discover new things, get inspired, get creative and from a bloggers perspective a place to showcase our talent and create work for ourselves that wouldn't be available otherwise
  • Life does go on and the world doesn't revolve around the internet, things go on around you while you're looking down at your mobile phone. FOMO is an illusion.
  • Blogging is definitely more of a lifeline than i thought, in terms of creativity... The longer i went ignoring the less creative i felt... i know i can only improve my writing and ability to excel at work and life if i focus on improving my blog
  • You discover who in your life makes a real effort with you when your not on social media constantly
Those are the main points i wanted to share and feel everyone should take a closer look at how the internet can sometimes take over your life. It's safe to say i'll be tweeting 24/7 again, posting on Facebook, instagram, updating my blog and playing Pokemon Go. But i do that because i want to, rather than feeling like i HAVE to. I know i'm not addicted to it and can go without. I spend more time now watching documentaries, reading books and finding new interests.

Do you think you could go without the internet just for one week?

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

6 Steps To Creating The Space You Want

If you read my last post about the power of de-cluttering and what inspired me to get rid of the junk in my life, you're going to LOVE this post. Written by the fabulous entrepreneur Kerry from Make A Space, who's given us her top 6 tips on creating a space you want rather than being surrounded by clutter! I hope you find this post as helpful as i have and feel slightly more inspired to create a nicer less filled surrounding...

Image Quote - Make A Space
Seeing the change in a client’s attitude and demeanour is one of the most rewarding things about my job. I often find as I support individuals, couple and families to de-clutter their houses and lives that there is a change in their energy and their passion for life.

I work with people helping them ‘Make a Space’ in their living environment which helps to create space to get to where they want to be with their life. Inspiring change and getting people excited about their dreams. It’s emotional and exhausting at times, but seeing the change in my clients fills me with energy and joy.

But why do people even need help? Why is it so hard to make a space for the things you really want in life? Every person is different but the root causes are often very similar. It is usually a question of not knowing what to do or how to start, or a lack of time - there is always something else that needs doing.

As a society we now have coaches for all aspects of our lives. From health to business, with specialist support most people will see results faster and will achieve far more that they thought possible on their own.

The process I work through with my clients is simple, but not easy.

1) First, we look at the ‘Why’ – understanding their motivation. What do they want to achieve? And we also try to work out what has been holding them back from doing this.

2) Next is about clarifying the vision. What do they want the space to look and feel like? We do this in which ever way is most comfortable to the client. Sometimes finding images, drawing or writing.

3) Then we plan. It’s basically a project – from revamping a wardrobe to a transformational house move. What are the step, how and when are we going to do this? This is tailored to each individual depending on their personal style and preferences.

4) Sort it. Physically hands on sorting through piles of belongings of what stays and what goes. This process often brings up emotions that we attach to our belongings. I support them through this, talking about why they have been holding on to items, what the significance is for them. At this stage we will often revisit the ‘why you are doing this’ as a motivation.

5) Step 5 is often the hardest bit -Letting go. Physically removing the things that they don't need or want from your home. Be it to charity, recycling, selling there is often a way that the unwanted and unneeded 'stuff ' can be of use to others and not just end up in landfill.

6) Finally, we have a bit of fun putting what is left away and organising.... and revelling in all the space that has been created.

It is not just creating space for the sake of it. Not just because it looks nice (although it can if you want it to!) but because there is an emotional space that is created by it. Aside from that simply being able to find things easily and less time spent tidying up increase productivity and frees up time to spend on doing things you really enjoy.

For me that first step, the why you are doing this is so important – right from the beginning you begin to create space for what you want next – be that a better relationship, or a baby or a new job or retirement or whatever your heart desires. You are taking control.

When you create a piece of art or start a new project you need a clear space to start, to start with a blank page. You need to make a space. And it is just the same for your life.

By Kerry Pocock, Mum and Entrepreneur. Founder of Make a Space inspiring and helping you to de-clutter your life so you can enjoy more time with your loved ones. Keep up with Kerry's posts on Facebook.