Thursday, 1 December 2016

A few of my favourite things: about Christmas!

December is here! And this year i'm feeling SUPER festive, i don't know if it's something in the air, or because this year's been so crap that i need an excuse to cheer myself up, but i'm as excited as buddy the elf. being this excited has made me think about what i really love most about Christmas and just what it is that makes me so happy...

Of course the day itself is really special; spending time with family, the constant conveyor belt of food (especially cheese and wine in the evening), the board games and classic festive films and Christmas specials that make TV Gold.

As you get older the presents become insignificant (apart from the ones you give to others of course) and more about HOW the day is spent. whether it's staying in your pyjamas until noon or going for an early morning walk before the cooking commences. whether you open your presents at midnight because of tradition, or wake up before the rest of the household to munch the carrot and mince pie left for Santa and his reindeer..

But my absolute favourite thing about Christmas is the build up to it, each town transforms into a twinkling, jolly place filled with the aroma of German sausages, mulled wine and spices. The streets are bustling, and the shop windows have such decadent displays. I love the Christmas cheer that's spread throughout the entire month and even in my days of working in retail, everyone has a bit of a glow about them.

The jolly-ness has already started spreading at work too which fills me with warm fuzziness! I'd love to hear your favourite things about Christmas time. Maybe we should start a # on twitter?! #favouritethingsaboutchristmas ? #christmastime ? eh!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Bedroom Style Inspiration

It's been a while i've lived in the current flat and i'm simply not in love with it as much as the first place when initially moving to Bournemouth. So i've been thinking of ways that i can really jazz up the place and make it an environment that nurtures my soul and creativity. So of course i've taken to Pinterest for some inspiration, starting with the bedroom. I've already moved the furniture around a bit to how I like it and there's so much more space! 

I've always wanted one of those French door style room dividers, I always think of Classic Disney movies like Cinderella and Mulan when I see one and it would be a perfect place to hang my outfits for work the next day without getting dumped on 'the chair'.

I've also always loved the idea of having a huge vintage style mirror, just look how pretty this is! It would really compliment the back wall in the bedroom and make it look so much bigger. 

I'm also in a bit of a dilemma with storage, currently using under my bed to store of my belongings and unfortunately the bulky Hoover doesn't fit under there aha! I'd quite like a tall cupboard like this:

One side with no shelves, perfect to store the odds and bobs like the ironing board, hoover and bed sheets...

Speaking of which, I really love this blue pattern. The idea of blue and pastel colours in the bedroom is perfect in my opinion. 

And general decor being an abundance of plants, fluffy blankets, cushions and even a rug. Something a long the lines of this:

In my dream bedroom, i'd love a chaise (a girl can dream right?). I can just imagine a lazy afternoon to myself, getting comfortable to read a book or work on my blog goals. Something like this would be the perfect chill out spot:

Of course this is my ideal bedroom, and will take me a long time to achieve, but i always find making boards and visual 'scrap books' really therapeutic, a way to illustrate my style and creativity and of course express your personality. Bedz R Us, thinks your bedroom can say a lot about your pesronality too, so i took their quiz for a bit of fun, who doesn't like a good personality quiz?! Find out what your room says about you HERE.

What do you think? You can find over on my home decor board on Pinterest!
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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Winter Skincare Favourites

It's been a while since i posted something beauty related, heck, it's been a while since i've posted anything! So i thought i'd get back in to the swing of things with one of my passions. Cruelty free skincare! Since my Lush days i've become a real advocate for products that feed the skin with natural ingredients and brands that have a strong ethos for animal welfare. 

It's been great for my spending and shopping habits, to take time to research brands who share these values and also to make sure what i'm putting on my body is going to benefit my skin in some way.
With that being said, there are some brands that i'm really enjoying supporting and particular products that i can't help but shout out about:

These beauties have been a savour for my skin with the change in weather. Unfortunately due to hormones and the cold, I've had a break out recently, and the best product to bring my skin back to normality was the Lush rosy cheeks fresh face mask. I fell in love with this one when it was released because of the smooth texture, it's so refreshing and cooling put on the face when straight out of the fridge. I've also been using BB Seaweed and Don't Look At Me which are also lovely, but feel the Rosy Cheeks has done the best job at banishing the blemishes.

My skin is dry at the best of times, so when winter draws in I try and stock up on the thickest, richest body moisturiser there is. I'm a bit fussy with body moisturisers but I find when purchasing nature inspired products tend to be a lot more hydrating, most natural products use a lot of plant based oils and extracts which my skin just loves. Armed with determination to find the perfect winter lotion, I went to my local health store and straight to the body section. They have a tester of most things so I was in my element squeezing the tubes of lotion and smelling each one. Of course, I could not resist this vanilla lotion by Jason, a brand I've had some experience with and really keen to try more of, this product does not disappoint! With aloe Vera, sunflower, coconut, sugar cane am course vanilla it's a real treat to use every day.

I also found this Sukin facial moisturiser at my local health food store and loved the texture when I tried it on in the shop. I usually spend a lot more on a facial moisturises so for £8 I was quite impressed. I actually came across this brand for the first time in TK Maxx, while browsing the hair care. The quality of the both products I've used has been brilliant, so again I'm keen to try more. I also discovered Orico London's face oil in TK Maxx. I don't even know what possessed me to buy it because I've never used a face oil, but I absolutely adore it! The bottle is empty but I've used it every day for the past 3 months, it makes my makeup go on so smoothly with no under eye creases and for an oil, it's not at all greasy, it sinks right in to the skin. I'm going to do a bit more research on this brand because I think I'm going find some new skincare staples with them.

Now Dr Organic is another brand I adore, from head to toe there's a product to suit any skin type and any preference. I've only ever seen them in Holland and Barrett, and it was a real chore choosing just one product but I was looking for a facial wash because I'm not a fan of using cleansers. I like my face to be squeaky clean when I get out of the shower, and this does exactly that. I haven't particularly noticed it to be deep pore cleansing but I'm enjoying it nonetheless!

I would encourage anyone to go and have a try of at least one of these or if you're like me and love s good rummage, TK Maxx is amazing for finding new cruelty free brands and skincare.